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If you've been to court and been told that you must take a defensive driving class in the state of Florida, you are approved to take 8 hour online traffic school right here, with Palm Beach County Traffic School. Our 8 hour traffic school program is delivered over the Internet as a series of web pages, and you don't even need to install the course on your own computer. Use a shared computer-S at work, at home, or even at the public library. We will keep track of your spot within the 8 hour online traffic school course and bring you right back to where you left off, each time you log in!

Unlimited Log-Ins and Log-Outs

We understand that you don't always have the time to take an 8 hour traffic school course all in one sitting. That's part of the convenience of working with an online program! We allow you to come and go as you please, at any time of the day or night, and stay only as long as you have the time. When you're finished with your full course requirements, no matter how many times you logged in to do it, you'll be brought to the same final exam to finish and receive your certificate of completion.

8 Hour Online Traffic School

One of the great advantages to working online is that the course is self-paced. There's no need to worry if you are usually the fastest or slowest person in your class. You won't be waiting around for anyone else to catch up, and you won't be making anyone else wait for you. Work as quickly or as slowly as makes sense for your style of learning, and when you're done, you're done. Then you'll just need to pass the final exam with a minimum score, and your 8 hour traffic school experience is finished!

If you have questions about our 8 hour online traffic school program, contact our customer service hotline, any time 24/7. We're here for you!

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